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Telerik JustMock offers commercial (JustMock) and free (JustMock Lite) versions. The commercial version also provides you with a 30-day trial with a full-featured version of the tool - no restrictions! What's more, you are eligible for complete technical support during your trial period in case you have any questions. To sign up for a free 30-day trial, go here.

Commercial vs Free Version

The following table shows the differences between the commercial and free version of Telerik® JustMock.

Feature Commercial Version Free Version
.Net Core Support
.Net 5
.Net 6
Debug View
Create and Arrange Mocks at the Same Time
Call Original
Do Nothing
Do Instead
Must Be Called
Mock Behaviors
Mock Properties
Asserting Occurrence
Sequential Mocking
Recursive Mocking
Mock Internal Types Via Proxy
SharePoint Mocking -
Entity Framework Mocking -
Mock Non-Abstract and Non-Virtual Classes or Members Only non-abstract classes can be mocked.
Elevated Silverlight Mocking -
Sealed Mocking -
Static Mocking -
Partial Mocking -
Mocking Local Functions -
Threadpool Mocking -
Extension Methods Mocking -
System API / MsCorlib Mocking -
Mocking Non-public Members and Types -
Mocking LINQ Queries -
Private Accessor -
Mocking DLL Imports -


Supported feature
- Not supported feature

The Trial version of the commercial JustMock edition does not impose any feature limitations and is fully functional for a period of 30 days.

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