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RadioButtonField class

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The RadioButtonField class corresponds to FormFieldType.RadioButton enum value and represents a group of radio button options. The user can select at most one option from the group.


RadioButtonField provides the following properties:

  • Value: Gets or sets single choice that is selected. This choice is represented by RadioOption class that has a single Value text property.

  • DefaultValue: Gets or sets the default selected option used when the AcroForm is reset to its default values.

  • Widgets: The collection of Widget annotations, which represent the field on the PDF pages. Each Widget is of type RadioButtonWidget and represents a single radio button option provided by the RadioButtonWidget’s Option property. The widgets are created using the collection AddWidget() method and can be removed by using the collection's Remove() method. As the widget collection implements the IEnumerable interface, the available widget instances can be iterated.

  • Options: A RadioOptionCollection instance containing all available options for this field. In order to modify this collection, you can use its indexer property and its Add(), RemoveAt() and Clear() methods. Each RadioOption instance can be added only once to such a collection. If you try adding the same instance more than once in the collection, an exception will be thrown.

  • AllowToggleOff: Boolean value indicating whether radio buttons can be deselected by a mouse click on a selected radio button.

  • ShouldUpdateRadiosInUnison: Boolean value indicating whether all radio buttons that have RadioOption with the same value should be selected in unison. If false, then at most on radio button will have selected state even if some other radio button has the same option value.

Example 1: Create RadioButtonFields and add them to a page

RadioButtonField radioButtonField = new RadioButtonField("SampleRadioButton"); 
radioButtonField.Widgets.AddWidget(new RadioOption("True")).Rect = new Rect(0, 0, 20, 20); 
radioButtonField.Widgets.AddWidget(new RadioOption("False")).Rect = new Rect(25, 0, 20, 20); 
radioButtonField.Widgets.AddWidget(new RadioOption("False")).Rect = new Rect(50, 0, 20, 20); 
foreach (RadioButtonWidget widget in radioButtonField.Widgets) 

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