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Path is a content element that represents series of connected lines and curves. The shape of the path is specified by its Geometry property.

Inserting a Path

Path is a content element that is designed to be added in the Content collection of an IContainerElement such RadFixedPage. There are several approaches, which you can adopt to achieve that.

Example 1 shows how you can create a Path, assign a predefined Geometry to it and add it to a container.

Example 1: Create Path and add it to container

Path path = new Path(); 
path.Geometry = geometry; 

Example 2 demonstrates how to use one of the factory methods of the ContentElementCollection that create a new path and insert it into the document.

Example 2: Add Path to container

Path path = container.Content.AddPath(); 
path.Geometry = geometry; 

There are other methods that allow adding a path to a document. They could be used through the FixedContentEditor class.

Modifying a Path

You can modify a Path element using the properties the class exposes. The properties are listed below.

  • Fill: The color that is used to fill the path. The default value is Black.

  • Stroke: The color that is used to stroke the path. The default value is Black.

  • IsFilled: Specifies whether the path should be filled.

  • IsStroked: Specified whether the path should be stroked.

  • StrokeThickness: The width of the stroke outline.

  • StrokeLineCap: Specifies the shape, which is used at the ends of open paths when they are stroked.

    • Flat: Flat line cap.

    • Round: Round line cap.

    • Square: Square line cap.

  • StrokeLineJoin: Specifies the shape to be used at the corners of paths that are stroked. Join styles are significant only at the points where consecutive segments of a path connect at an angle.

    • Bevel: Produces a diagonal corner.

    • Miter: Produces a sharp corner. If the segments meet at too sharp angle, a bevel join is used instead.

    • Round: Produces a smooth, circular arc between the lines.

  • StrokeDashArray: The pattern of dashes and gaps used to stroke paths.

  • StrokeDashOffset: The distance from the start of a line to the beginning of a dash pattern.

  • MiterLimit: The limit of the thickness of the join on a mitered corner.

  • Geometry: The shape to be drawn. More information about geometries is available here.

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