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Selecting is a key feature of the Grid that will allow you to enable selection for Rows and Cells.

In this page you will find several sections with a demo GIF animation showing different Select option you can have in the Grid. Each section has a link to the individual page that describes the configuration as well as provides with additional examples and scenarios.

Selection is persisted across PostBacks except when rebinding the Grid. Having that in mind, know that some Commands will rebind the Grid, (see Commands that invoke Rebind implicitly), and therefore the selection will be lost.

Select Rows

Depending on the settings, you can select rows in different ways:

Select a Single Row

Select Multiple Rows

Select Cells

Apart from row selection RadGrid supports the selection of individual cells or entire Columns in the Grid table. The cell selection functionality is controlled through the ClientSettings.Selecting.CellSelectionMode property.

Options are:

  • SingleCell - Allows selecting one Cell at a time.
  • MultiCell - Allow selecting multiple Cells.
  • Column - Alows you to Select the Cells of one Column at a time.
  • MultiColumn - Allows you to Select the Cells of Multiple Columns.

Here is a list of different Scenarios for Cell Selection:

Select a Single Cell

Check out the SingleCell article for instructions and examples.

Select Multiple Cells

Check out the MultiCell article for instructions and examples.

Select Cells of a Single Column

Check out the Column article for instructions and examples.

Select Cells of Multiple Columns

Check out the MultiColumn article for instructions and examples.

Select Cells in Hierarchy

Cell Selection in Hierarchical Structures is not included in the built-in functionality, therefore, an additional implementation is required. In the Select cells in RadGrid with Hierarchy Code Library article we show one example that will give you an idea how this would work. As this is a custom (non-supported) scenario, further tweaking will be up to the developer working on it.

Extract Values of Selected Cells

Check out the Extract Values of Selected Cells article for examples.

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