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Grid Overview

Telerik RadGrid is designed to eliminate the typical trade off associated with ASP.NET grid controls — rich functionality at the expense of weight and performance. Thanks to its innovative architecture, RadGrid is extremely fast and generates very little output. Added to this is true cross-browser support — Internet Explorer, all Gecko-based browsers, and Opera.

At the same time, RadGrid delivers top-of-the line features.

Key Features

  • Interoperability with RadAjax and loading indicators- Dramatically improves the responsiveness of the component, simulates Windows-application like behavior, and minimizes the traffic to the server

  • Codeless data binding using the DataSourceControls

  • Data binding to business objects, sub-objects and nullable objects; client-side binding through web services or page methods

  • Rich client-side functionality- Expand/collapse, delete, resize, reorder, select, scroll (with options for static headers and static columns), etc.

  • Filtering for all built-in column types including an option for switching the default filter textboxes with other controls

  • Hierarchical grids with multiple tables at any level, templates for detail tables and self-referencing hierarchy

  • Outlook-style grouping for flat and hierarchical grids

  • Group footers/standard column footers with declarative aggregates calculation, calculated columns

  • Customizable RadConfirm dialogs

  • Client/server/AJAX hierarchy and group load modes

  • Auto-generated in-place/edit forms/popup editing, user controls and templates as custom edit forms

  • Conditional formatting

  • Easily customizable skinning mechanism (via the Skin property of the grid)

  • Keyboard support

  • Automatic, multi-column and custom sorting

  • AJAX-based virtual scrolling for instant navigation in large data structures

  • Standard, advanced, alphabetical and custom paging, SEO-friendly paging and pager template support

  • Area and multi-row client/server selection

  • Flexible edit form validation mechanism

  • Various column types

  • Export to Excel/Word, PDF, CSV

  • Header context menu for column sorting/grouping/filtering or changing the columns visibility

  • Option to display the grid data in ListView/DataList-like layout

  • ControlState support

  • Option for AutoPostBack when clicking anywhere in a row

  • XHTML 1.1 and accessibility compliance (WCAG Level A)

  • Built-in right-to-left and ASP.NET localization support

  • WAI ARIA support

  • Drag-to-group and drag-to-reorder columns support for mobile devices

You can find a complete list of all key features here.

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