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Paging Overview

RadGrid natively supports table paging, which lets users view large sets of data in small chunks for faster loading and easier navigation. It also provides a set of events, helper methods and properties if the paging operation requires custom intervention.

Set the AllowPaging property to True to have RadGrid handle paging. By default, the AllowPaging property is False. You can set the AllowPaging property on the entire grid, or set it for each GridTableView individually. The AllowPaging setting on a GridTableView control overrides the default specified by the grid.

If you want to handle paging in a custom manner, set the grid's AllowCustomPaging property to True as well.

Set the PageSize property on the grid or table view to specify the number of records that should appear in each chunk. When paging is enabled, RadGrid renders a pager item (GridPagerItem) on the bottom and/or top of each GridTableView displayed in the hierarchy when the number of records in the table view exceeds the page size. Pager

Since Q2 2012 the RadGrid control provides PageSizes property which determines the values that will be displayed in the PageSize combo box in the RadGrid pager item. grd Page Sizes

The default value of this property is int[] { 10,20,50 }.

There are a number of different pager types you can use, including template support for designing your own pager.

RadGrid exposes the PageSizeControlType property in its PagerStyle property collection which is an enum of type PagerDropDownControlType. It has three values available with RadComboBox being the default one:

  • None

  • RadComboBox

  • RadDropDownList

As it name implies, the property specifies what type of page size drop down control will be rendered.The property provides an easy wayto switch off the page size combo or replace it with its light weight counterpart RadDropDownList.

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