The ThemeBuilder Toolbar

This article describes the ThemeBuilder toolbar and its commands.

The ThemeBuilder toolbar provides quick access to several commands. The toolbar is available only when you open an existing project or create a new one.

Toolbar Elements

The toolbar includes the following buttons and elements:

  • Home—Go back to the ThemeBuilder dashboard.
  • Document status—Indicates if all changes are saved.
  • Project name and menu—The name of the opened project and a dropdown menu with the version of the Telerik and Kendo UI themes and several project operations: Share, Rename, Export Metadata, Import Metadata, and Delete.
  • Active collaborators icons—These icons display the initials of other collaborators who currently work on this project.
  • Project Settings—Manage project settings, such as asset types, dark theme settings, and custom fonts that you can use when customizing the components.
  • Share—Share the project with others or remove someone from the access list.
  • Help—Provides quick access to the documentation and allows you to enable the onboarding hints.
  • Account—Shows the currently logged in user and the account settings.
  • Export All—Export all CSS and SASS changes that have been applied to the components.
  • Export Selected—Export the CSS and SASS changes only for the components that are visible on the components canvas.

The ThemeBuilder toolbar

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