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ThemeBuilder is a versatile tool that helps you create visual styles and apply them to the Telerik and Kendo UI web components. The tool has two tiers: pro and free.

To help you achieve a unique appearance for your apps, ThemeBuilder offers an intuitive UI where you can experiment with colors and properties like border-radius and typography. In ThemeBuilder, you can visualize the styles that you create and see how they change the looks of the UI components. With the ThemeBuilder advanced customization, you can change virtually every appearance-related property of the UI components until you achieve the desired style.

The final result of using ThemeBuilder is a vibrant theme packed as an npm package that contains your ready-to-use Sass and CSS.

ThemeBuilder allows you not only to create themes for your new apps but also to maintain and update the styles of your existing apps—whenever you decide to change the styling in your app, open your existing ThemeBuilder project, make the changes, and apply them to the UI components.

Comparing the Previous and New ThemeBuilder

The previous ThemeBuilder is a popular free tool that supports all Telerik and Kendo UI components. The new ThemeBuilder, also known as ThemeBuilder Pro, is a growing advanced theming tool that builds upon the features of the previous ThemeBuilder. The developers of the new ThemeBuilder have set the ambitious goal to rapidly expand the number of Telerik and Kendo UI components supported by the tool.

If you have been using the previous ThemeBuilder and your favorite Telerik and Kendo UI components are already supported by the new ThemeBuilder, you can start using the new tool immediately—you will get even more free features. To try out the pro features, you can start a free trial.

The new ThemeBuilder replaces the previous ThemeBuilder for all supported UI component libraries. All of your existing custom styles will continue to work and you can import them into the new ThemeBuilder.

Feature Previous ThemeBuilder New ThemeBuilder Free Tier New ThemeBuilder Pro Tier
Customization of Kendo Themes Yes Yes Yes
Editing built-in theme variables Yes Yes Yes
Choice of color palettes (swatches) Yes Yes Yes
Projects dashboard No Yes Yes
Dedicated documentation portal No Yes Yes
Using custom typography No No Yes
Creating custom theme variables No No Yes
Advanced customization No No Yes
Project sharing No No Yes

Supported Telerik and Kendo UI Web Components

The team behind ThemeBuilder works constantly to expand the list of supported Telerik and Kendo UI web components that you can style with ThemeBuilder. Currently, ThemeBuilder supports the following component suites:

If your favorite Telerik or Kendo UI components are not listed above, you can still use the previous ThemeBuilder.

ThemeBuilder Pro Free Trial

ThemeBuilder offers a free 7-day trial to registered users. To activate the free trial, use either of the following methods:

First Steps with ThemeBuilder

To see how it all works, try the complete ThemeBuilder tutorial—you will create custom styles, adjust some advanced properties, and then download the Sass and CSS of your visual theme.

If you prefer video tutorials, see the ThemeBuilder onboarding video below.

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