All-In-One Installation

With Test Studio you can schedule tests and test lists on a single machine. The below article describe the necessary steps to enable scheduling for a Standalone Test Studio installation.

Local Run

1.  Install the default configuration (Scheduling and Storage are not selected).

2.  Start Test Studio. An icon will appear in your System Tray for the Test Runner process. This process handles test scheduling and scheduled test execution.

Test Runner

3.  Open the project that contains the test list you wish to schedule for execution.

4.  Click Connect in the Scheduling section of the ribbon bar.


5.  In the Scheduling Server Settings dialog, click Run Locally, then OK.

Run Locally

6.  Schedule Test List execution in the Test Lists view. Your local machine is selected as the execution machine by default.

7.  View Scheduling Results after the scheduled test execution time.

Important: If the All-In-One machine has an active firewall, ensure that the following ports are unblocked: 55555, 8009, and 8030-8039.

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