Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard allows you to monitor the results from remotely executed test lists per project. The Executive Dashboard gathers the results from the Storage Server.

Note: Test lists that are executed locally will not be uploaded to the Storage Server automatically. You can publish them to the server, that your project is connected to, from the Results tab.

Installation and Configuration

  1. Install the Executive Dashboard components in the Customize Installation dialog during Test Studio installation for the machine that will host this service. It is not selected by default in the standalone installation and you can also add it after that.

    Installation Dialog

  2. Start Test Studio and click Configure in the Scheduling section of the ribbon bar.


  3. Go to the Executive Dashboard tab and make configuration changes if necessary. You need to hit the Apply button, if you make any changes, and check the details on the bottom of the window. The service will be started automatically.

    Executive Dashboard Configuration

Executive Dashboard Overview

You can monitor the results from remote test list executions in the brower and on all kinds of devices that can access the Executive Dashboard.

Project View

In the Project View you see all remotely executed test list results per project. They are sorted first by Favorites (the star icon) and then by the Last Run Start Time column. The field selections and favorites are saved locally per browser and per selected project.

Project View

  • Select project - Select a Test Studio project from a drop-down list.
  • Refresh interval - Choose a time interval to refresh the results in the Executive Dashboard.
  • Search field - Filter test lists by name as you type.
  • Favorites - Enable/Disable favorites for a test list. Favorite test lists will always appear on top.

Last 10 runs are sorted by time of execution and the latest is on the right side.

Test Lists View

This view shows you the remote test list executions and you can change the number of items per page to 5, 10, 20 and 50. The results are sorted by Start Time by default. You can change the sort by clicking the column's header and use multiple rules at the same time.

Project View

  • Breadcrumb navigation - Click on the Project name link to navigate back.
  • View Details - Drill down to the test list details.

Test List Execution Details

The detailed view of the test list execution shows information about each test. You can change the number of tests per page to 5, 10, 20 and 50 and sort the results by multiple columns.

Project View

  • Breadcrumb navigation - Click on the Project name or the Test List name link to navigate back.
  • Expand Test Details - Expand the test and view all test steps. If there is a Test as Step, you can expand that further.
  • View Log - Show the test execution log with option to copy it to clipboard.

Project View

The version and additional information aboute the Executive Dashboard is available in the About button in the header.

About Page

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