Scheduling Results

Reload From Server

After the scheduled test list runs on the Execution server(s), you can update the Calendar in Test Studio and view the results.

1.  On the Results tab, click the Reload button in the Scheduling Server ribbon.


2.  The pending run should change from yellow to either green or red, indicating whether the test list passed or failed.


3.  Double click the result to drill down into the test list. You'll see a summary of each test's result in the test list.

Test Results

4.&nbnsp; Go further by double clicking each test. For more information see the Analyze Test Results page.

Test Steps

Publish To Server

Use this button to publish the currently selected locally executed test list result to the Scheduling server.

Publish to Server

Manage Results

Click Manage Results to view and/or delete test list results on the Scheduling server.

Manage Results

To delete one or more test results, click the check box next to the results and click Delete Results Button.

Delete Results

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