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Mouse Actions

There are different types of mouse actions that you can record against specific element in the application under test. Some are basic, like Left or Right click, and some are more complex like HoverOver and Drag&Drop. All of them behave as if the real user performs those actions by sending desktop mouse commands.

Each step comes with a Description and Location sections to help you add the right step and with the right configurations. That said, you can adjust the location and other properties from the Step Properties pane in Test Studio later.


The only exception is the Drag&Drop step, which need a target element instead of location.

1. Select an element from the DOM Explorer.

2. Choose the mouse action you want to add.

3. Configure the location.

4. Click Add Step button. New "Desktop command" step is created in your test.

Add Mouse Action Step

Specific Location

Configure where exactly you want the mouse action to be executed.

1. Choose Specific Point from the Location drop down.

Specify Location

2. Select a starting point from the grid. The coordinates will be calculated from that point.

Starting Point

3. Drag the circle to the exact location, where you want to click, or type the coordinates manually.

Starting Point

4. Click Add Step. New "Desktop command" step with the specified coordinates is created in your test.

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