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Drag and Drop Action

Test Studio supports completely codeless drag&drop action and you can insert such step with only few clicks.

This type of steps requires two elements - one, which is dragged, and the second to be used as drop target location. Find out how to define these elements in the below article.

Create a Drag&Drop Step

For the purposes of this demonstration we use the Kendo jQuery TreeView component, which supports drag and drop.

Select the Element to Drag

1.  Create a test and start a recording session. Navigate to the mentioned demo page with the TreeView component.

2.  Enable the highlighting and choose an element to drag. Highlight that element and choose the elements menu option to Build Step....

3.  The Advanced Recording Tools window gets opened directly on its Element Steps tab with that element selected in the DOM. Switch to the Actions section and choose the DragDrop action.

Select Drag & Drop Step

Pick the Target Drop Element

4.  The DragDrop action step lets you choose the target element where to drop the initially selected element. Click the Pick button under the Target Element property. This switches the focus on the browser and lets you choose the target element with enabled highlighting. Once you stop over an element, a Select Element button appears and you can add this element as target.

Pick Target Element

5.  You can specify the drop point Location - you can choose between Element Center or Specific Point. Element Center is the default setting, and Specific Point can be set as for the mouse click steps.

Element Center Add

5.  Click the Add Step button and the Drag&Drop step is added to the test specifying the two elements you worked with.

Drag&Drop Step

Maintain and Edit the Drag&Drop Step

The Drag&Drop step has its specific step properties specifying the two elements used in the step and the offsets used to interact with these. Once a drag and drop step is added into the test you can use its properties to change its behavior completely.

Drag Element Properties

The step properties related to the dragged element are named Drag Element and OffSet. These define the element to choose on page and the click point to start dragging it.

Drag&Drop Step properties

Drag element offset properties

Drop Element Properties

The step properties related to the dropped element are named Drop Element, DropOffSet and DropTargetType. These define the target element to choose on page and the click point to drop the dragged element.

Drop element properties

Drop element offset properties

  • The DropTargetType can be Element or Window. The more precise option is to use an element as this independent of the size of screen, window, etc.

Drop target type properties

If you choose the Window option, you need to consider the size and position of the browser window, which are used to correlate the drop offset location.

Drop target type window properties

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