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Customize Test Studio's Layout

Test Studio layout can be customized to fit your needs and personal preferences. You can reorder all panels manually or choose from the predefined layouts. You can switch between Light and Dark themes.

The default layout when you start Test Studio is the Compact layout in the Light theme.

default layout

Predefined Layouts

The preset layouts rearrange the panes in the Test Studio project to focus your attention on certain tools. The three predefined layouts are

  • Compact (default)

  • High Productivity

  • Advanced

preset layouts

Compact Layout

In the Compact layout you can see docked and visible the Project Explorer, the Elements Explorer and the Edit Project Items Pane. The Step Builder, the Properties pane and Output Panel are hidden and pinned on the right side of the project area.

Compact layout

High Productivity Layout

In the High Productivity layout you can see all panels docked and visible in the project area - the Project Explorer, the Elements Explorer, the Edit Project Items Pane, the Step Builder, the Properties pane and Output Panel.

High Productivity layout

Advanced Layout

In the Advanced layout you can see docked and visible the Elements Explorer, the Project Explorer and the Edit Project Items Pane. The Step Builder, the Properties pane and Output Panel are docked and tabbed to switch between these.

Advanced layout

Switch between Light and Dark Theme

Test Studio comes with a Light and Dark theme. Choose the one that suits your needs better and apply it through the Project Settings.

Dark theme


You need to restart Test Studio to apply the changed theme.

Manual Layout Adjustment

You can move the panels in a Test Studio project to another area, or pin these on the side to hide them.

Dock or Undock a Panel

Use the Dock/Undock buttons in the upper right corner of each panel to change its position in the project layout.


Check this video to see how panels in Test Studio can be undocked and docked back.


The Undock detaches the pane from its original position and displays it as a separate window. You can use the mouse tp drag and drop this window anywhere in the project area. To help you choose the preferred position relative to the target panel, there is a circle with directions - top, bottom, left, right and center.

choose panel position

If you want to place the panel separately, you can use the arrows on the right, left, top and bottom sides of the Test Studio project window.

choose window position

If you select the center of the target panel, the undocked panel will appear as a tab next to the target panel.

choose center tabs

Hide or Show a Panel

To hide a panel from the project's working area, select the Pin button in its upper right corner. This pins the panel on the left or right side of Test Studio window and auto-hides it. Hover over this side tab to show the panel.

auto hide

Save a Customized Layout

Once you apply any change in the panels position or size, the currently selected layout is switched to Current. This is the layout, which is used on the next start of Test Studio.

Current layout

You can save these current changes in the layout into a user defined layout. That way you will be able to switch to this at any time. Choose the Save As option from the Layouts dropdown.

Save current into user defined layout

You have two options in the Save As dialog - to save the layout as a new user defined one, or to overwrite an existing one.

Save current into new user defined layout

If you choose to overwrite an existing user defined layout, there is a list with all available to choose from.

Overwrite existing user defined layout

The user defined layouts can be renamed, or deleted.

Rename or Delete existing user defined layout


To reset the default project view you can switch to any of the predefined layouts.

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