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Output Panel

The Output panel displays a record of log messages recorded by Test Studio throughout runtime. These include build errors that occur when a project is compiled.

Its default location is in the middle bottom pane.

Output panel

Tabs In The Output Panel

You could chose between Syntax Errors, Compiler and Source Control tab to filter the type of information in the panel.

Under the Syntax Errors tab can be found the syntax errors throughout runtime. These errors are designed to indicate important events and help pinpoint where problems may occur.

Errors tab

Under the Compiler tab can be found information (if you have a code-behind file) about a specific error message or warning during the compilation of the project.

Compiler tab

Double-click any error message entry will navigate to the file where the problem occurs, and move to the error location.

Under the Source Control tab can be found information about the actions taken against the Source control (connect, check in, check out).

Source Control

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