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Compile Project

Each Test Studio project which contains coded steps and/or class files, can be compiled before any test run. By compiling the test project you can identify compile-time errors, such as incorrect syntax, misspelled keywords, type mismatches, and incorrect method binding. When you compile the test project, Test Studio builds and replaces the project dll in the bin sub-folder of the project root one.

Version 2017 R3 and Later

As of version 2017 R3 you can mark tests and standalone code files with 'In development' flag to exclude these from compilation. Thus the Compile button is extended and you can choose whether to 'Compile All' files or 'Compile' only these not marked as 'In development'.

New Compile button

Note! The default action set in the Project Context Menu and for the Compile button is 'Compile All'.

Version 2017 R2 and Earlier

Press the Compile button in the ribbon to compile the entire test project.

Compile button

Compilation Output

The output of the compilation process is displayed in the Output Panel under the Compiler tab. Any errors detected will be listed there.

Output panel

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