TeamCity Test Execution

Test Studio test project can be integrated in continuous integration environment using TeamCity server.

The below steps will guide you through the necessary TeamCity project adjustments to execute tests or test lists from a Test Studio project.

TeamCity Installation

There are no specifics in installation of the TeamCity server. To be able to execute automated tests that include Windows and Browser interactions it is necessary to run build agent from command line.

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Run the Build Agent

The build agent have to be started in a console mode. To complete that follow these steps:

1.  Locate the build agent's bin folder. The default is C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\bin.

2.  Open a command prompt window.

3.  Change to the bin folder you just located.

4.  Enter 'agent start'.

Configure TeamCity Project to Execute Test Studio Tests

1.  Create new project

Create new project

2.  Create new build configuration:

Create new build config

3.  Add new command line build step

New build step

For "Build script content" enter: "PATH_TO_TEST_STUDIO_BIN_DIR\ArtOfTest.Runner.exe" test="C:\Users\deyan\Desktop\TestStudio\WebTest.tstest" out="C:\Users\deyan\Desktop\TestStudioResults" junitstep

Path to Test Studio runner

list="PATH_TO_PROJECT\TEST_LIST_NAME.aiilist" out="PATH_TO_RESULT_DIR"  junitstep


test="PATH_TO_PROJECT\TEST_NAME.tstest" out="PATH_TO_RESULT_DIR" junitstep

4.  Add new Build Feature

New Build Feature

From drop-down list, select "XML report processing"

For report type select "Ant JUnit" and save build feature.

For "Monitoring rules" specify output directory from previous step and ad all xml files.


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