Executing Test Studio tests with Bamboo

Using the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe

In order to use ArtOfTestRunner.exe for executing your tests you will need to define an agent-specific executable capability.

An agent-specific capability applies to one agent only. Note that the value of an agent-specific capability will override the value of a shared capability of the same name (if one exists).

To define a new agent-specific executable capability:

1.  Navigate to the desired agent.

2.  In the 'Agent-Specific Capabilities' section of the Capabilities tab, click Add Capability. The 'Add Capability' page is displayed.

3.  Choose Capability Type > Executable.

4.  Select Command the Type list.

5.  In the Executable Label, type a name/label for the executable. Bamboo uses this name in the Executables list whenever a task's executable is configured. ArtOfTestRunner is a good name for label.

6.In the Path field, type the path to the ArtOfTestRunner.exe:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Test Studio\Bin\ArtOfTest.Runner.exe

Please note that as of version 2017 R3 the default installation path for new installation is C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio.

7.  Click Add. This will verify whether the executable and path you have specified are valid.

Add Capability

Create a task for a job

Now you need to create a task that will execute a test list using the ArtOfTestRunner.exe.

To create a task for a job:

1.  Navigate to the tasks configuration for a job. Do this by:

  • clicking the Tasks tab when configuring an existing job, or
  • creating a new plan (you will be configuring tasks for the default job).

2.  Click Add task.

Add Task

3.  For task type select Command.


In Command Configuration fill:

  • Task description (it can be any)
  • Executable (select ArtOfTestRunner)
  • Argument (Full path to the test list *.aiilist file in quotes):

"list=C:\Users\ittodorov\Documents\Test Studio Projects\September2015\TestLists\temp.aiilist"

4.  Click Save.

Command Configuration

Using the MSTest runner

More details on how to configure a Bamboo MSTest Runner task you can see on this page.