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You can add reports to diverse types of web and desktop applications. The purpose of integrating Telerik Reporting into applications is to deliver interactive reports directly to your business system. The integration allows users to view and effortlessly export the report document to various formats.

This article offers a brief overview of the most popular approaches to integrate and use Telerik Reporting.

How to display reports in applications

Telerik Reporting offers numerous ways to Display Reports in Applications. You can achieve this with the Report Viewer's UI components that are tailored for a specific technology, for example:

Web applications

Desktop applications

  • WinForms Report Viewer - a composite of standard Windows Forms controls that is suitable for WinForms and WPF projects.

  • WPF Report Viewer - a composite of Telerik UI for WPF controls that is suitable for WPF and WinForms projects.

  • WinUI Report Viewer - a composite of Telerik UI for WinUI desktop controls that is suitable for WinUI 3 projects.

How to add the report engine

There are many ways to add the report engine. You can Host the Report Engine Remotely, you can Call the Report Engine via APIs, or you can use the Telerik Report Server:

Host report engine remotely

Use an embedded engine

If you choose the Embedded Report Engine path, you can utilize the report engine by desktop report viewers or using dedicated APIs for each specific report engine implementation.

Telerik Report Server

Telerik Report Server is a server-based platform powered by Telerik Reporting that provides a centralized storage for reports and comprehensive reports management.

Connect the Report Viewer to the Telerik Report Server’s engine:

How to generate custom reports

Next steps

If you are just starting with Telerik Reporting, look at our First Steps article.

Wondering about specific report design? You might find helpful suggestions on how to present the data in Report Structure section.

Are you into ASP.NET Core? See how to display reports in a .NET Core application for Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms here - .NET Core Support.

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