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Native Blazor Report Viewer Overview

The Native Blazor Report Viewer is a native Blazor component which can be used in Blazor applications.

It is our newest report viewer, included with the latest release, and as such, it is still being actively developed. There are some missing functionalities that will be implemented in the future.

Native Blazor Report Viewer image

Button or Input Action
Refresh Updates the current report with fresh data.
First page Displays the respective page of the current report.
Previous page Displays the respective page of the current report.
Current page Input allows tracking the number of the displayed page and also displaying a particular page by entering its number.
Total pages Shows the number of pages of the current report.
Next page Displays the respective page of the current report.
Last page Displays the respective page of the current report.
Switch to Print Preview Switches the report view between the Logical and Physical. Logical provides a convenient on-screen preview experience. Physical provides an exact preview of the eventual print operation.
Switch to Fit Page Width Switches the report view scale mode between fitting the report to the entire page view port or to the viewer's view port.
Print Initiates printing of the current report.
Export Initiates an export operation. For more information, refer to the article on export formats.
Zoom Allows the user to view and change the zoom level of the report content.
Show/Hide parameters area Allows the user to hide the report parameter inputs if any.
Show/Hide document map Allows the user to hide the document map tree if map nodes were defined in the report.


  1. Required Application Version:

    • Blazor 3.1+ application
  2. Required Service:

  3. Required UI libraries:

  4. Reference to one of the Telerik UI for Blazor Built-in Themes

Comparison with Blazor Html5 Wrapper Report Viewer

The initial release of the Native Blazor Report Viewer component is missing the following functionalities:

  • APIs for connecting to a Telerik Report Server instance

  • Report history functionality - Navigate back/forward according to the triggered NavigateToReport actions

  • Search report content functionality

  • Stop Rendering button for the toolbar

  • Infinite scrolling

  • Accessibility

  • Localization (supported natively by Blazor)

  • Extensibility - customizing the toolbar with own tooltips, icons, aria-labels and viewer commands

  • Send Mail Message functionality

  • Freezing table column and row headers functionalities

  • Reports tooltips

The above functionalities will be implemented in future releases of the Native Blazor Report Viewer


The complete example can be found in the installation folder of Telerik Reporting: C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik Reporting R3 2022\Examples\CSharp\CSharp.BlazorNativeExample.VS2022.sln.

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