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Map Overview

The Map report item is a native Telerik Reporting item which enables you to visualize an aggregated business data in a geographical manner.

The data may be presented in different formats that is determined by the chosen Map Type.

An image of the Map in the demo report Sales Dashboard

Key Features

  • Structure and elements—You can utilize all available elements the visual structure of the Map report item supports.
  • Connecting to data—The Map report item allows you to bind it to a single data object where you can control what data and in what way is geographically visualized through the Telerik Reporting Expression engine.
  • Layers and hierarchy—The analytical data from the data source will be presented geographically on the Map based on your settings.
  • Map types—The Map enables you to create different map types.
  • Styling and formatting—The Map delivers extensive settings for configuring the rendering of its parallels and meridians, legend, and other elements.

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