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Kendo UI provides Intelligent code completion for Visual Studio by using an additional vsdoc JavaScript file. The approach was initially described in Scott Guthrie's blog post jQuery IntelliSense in VS 2008. Kendo UI Visual Studio IntelliSense is integrated in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or later versions and it also works with Visual Web Developer (free).


Each bundle package contains a vsdoc directory, which contains a vsdoc.js and intellisense.js files. Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or later users should put the vsdoc.js file next to the kendoui bundle script, while Visual Studio 2012 users should use the intellisense.js file. Make sure its naming prefix matches the kendoui bundle name.

  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Solution Explorer

  • Visual Studio 2012

Solution Explorer VS2012


Options for Widget Initialization

jquery plugin

Widget Accessors

jquery plugin

Widget Methods

jquery plugin


There are two ways to reference the IntelliSense:

  1. Reference the Kendo UI Visual Studio IntelliSense when the script is directly added to a page as shown above. The kendo.all-vsdoc.js and kendo.all.min.intellisense.js files are also available on the Kendo UI CDN in the same folder as the regular JavaScript files.
  2. Reference the IntelliSense by using a reference hint from within an external JavaScript file as shown below:

script reference

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