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Export Support

Kendo UI for jQuery integrates the Pako and JSZip libraries to support the content export of its controls to PDF and Excel.

Pako Library

The Pako Deflate library enables the compression of the files that will be exported to PDF. To enable the PDF export, you need to load Pako in the specified page.

<!-- Load Pako Deflate library to enable PDF compression -->
<script src=""></script>

For more information on the available PDF export options by Kendo UI, refer to the articles on PDF Export and PDF output by the Drawing library.

JSZip Library

The JSZip library is necessary for the widgets to support Excel export and for the Spreadsheet to support the import of Excel files. The Excel export feature is available as of the Kendo UI 2014.3.1119 (Q3 2014) release and you need to include the JSZip library only if you have to provide export to Excel or to import the fromFile() functionalities.

For more information on the available Excel export options by Kendo UI, refer to the section on Excel export.

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