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Setting Up Your Kendo UI for jQuery License Key

Kendo UI for jQuery is a professionally developed UI library distributed under a commercial license. Starting from version R2 2022, using any of the Kendo UI for jQuery components from the NPM distribution channel requires a script license registration. Depending on the license type that you own, you can register an active trial license or commercial license key.

The script license registration is required only for the commercial NPM package (@progress/kendo-ui). Currently, all other Kendo UI for jQuery commercial distributions or script sources require only an active license—no script registration is required when using NuGet, CDN, Bower, and downloaded local Kendo UI bundles.

Our community is essential to us, and we want to be sure that licensing does not get in your way. Let us know if you experience any issues.

You can send us feedback through the Contact Us form or by opening a support ticket.

The license key installation process involves two steps:

  1. Getting a license key from this page.
  2. Registering the license key in your application.

Getting a License Key

Registering the License key

To register your license key, set it up either by using the NPM package or a script reference. Then, utilize the KendoLicensing.setScriptKey() method.

Using NPM package

Use the generated code from the Get a license key section, and place it in the main script file the where Kendo UI for jQuery scripts are imported.


    'Your license code'


Using Script Reference

Use the generated code from the Get a license key section and place it right after the script tag.

<script src="***/kendo.all.min.js"></script>

        'Your license code'

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