2019 Releases

Kendo UI 2019 R1

Changes from 2018 R3 SP1

Breaking Changes

AutoComplete, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DatePicker, DateTimePicker, DropDownList, TimePicker, MultiColumnComboBox

  • The redundant k-header class has been removed from the wrapper element rendering of the above widgets. It has been causing styling issues, even if it was not used by the Kendo implementation.


  • The Spreadsheet widget introduces automatic conversion of font size (where it has been defined) upon Excel files import / export. That is required because the font size in the Spreadsheet is in pixels (px), while the font size in MS Excel is in points (pt). Upon export / import xlsx file, the Spreadsheet now recalculates the value set for the font size, in such manner, so the text will appear with equal hight both in Excel and in the Spreadsheet. In previous versions of Kendo, there was no such conversion. The numeric value for the font size was the same in both xlsx and Spreadsheet. That resulted in visually larger font in Excel, than it is in the Spreadsheet.


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