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2019 Releases

This article lists the breaking changes in the Kendo UI 2019 releases.

Kendo UI 2019 R3 SP1


As of the Kendo UI 2019 R3 SP1 release, setting the holdToDrag option to false does not cancel the hold event.

Kendo UI 2019 R2 SP1


As of the Kendo UI 2019 R2 SP1 release, the recommended approach for moving tools to the right side of the ToolBar is by using the newly added Spacer command type. If you prefer to float some of the tools instead of using the spacer, apply display: block; to the wrapping element of the ToolBar.

  .k-toolbar {
    display: block;

  .k-toolbar #button3 {
    float: right;

<div id="toolbar"></div>

    items: [
      { type: "button", text: "Button 1" },
      { type: "button", text: "Button 2" },
      { type: "button", text: "Button 3", id: "button3"  }

Kendo UI 2019 R2

Pager, Grid, TreeList, ListView

  • Pager layout changed from Float to Flex for the LESS-based themes.

  • The k-pager-numbers ul of the Pager is now wrapped in a div with the k-pager-numbers-wrap class.


The mobile pane in which the Adaptive Scheduler is placed does not automatically expand its height. Therefore, it is required to define an explicit pixel Scheduler height by setting the height option. This change is part of the improved adaptive rendering of the widget.

Kendo UI 2019 R1

AutoComplete, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DatePicker, DateTimePicker, DropDownList, TimePicker, MultiColumnComboBox

The redundant k-header class is now removed from the wrapper element that renders these widgets because, even if it was not used by the Kendo UI implementation, it caused styling issues.


The Spreadsheet widget introduces an automatic conversion of the font size (when defined) during the import or export of files to Excel. The conversion is required because the font size in the Spreadsheet is set in pixels (px) while the font size in an MS Excel file is defined in points (pt). Upon importing or exporting xlsx files, the Spreadsheet now recalculates the set value for the font size in such a way so that the text will appear with an equal height both in Excel and in the Spreadsheet. In previous Kendo UI versions, such conversion does not exist. The numeric value for the font size used to be the same in both xlsx and Spreadsheet files which resulted in visually larger font in Excel than the font in the Spreadsheet.


As of the Kendo UI 2019 R1 release, the MobileSwitch widget, which is part of the Hybrid UI components in Kendo UI, is no longer used with the SASS-based themes. Instead, use the new Kendo UI Switch widget with SASS-based themes.

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