serverPaging Boolean (default: false)

If set to true, the data source will leave the data item paging implementation to the remote service. By default, the data source performs paging client-side.

Configure if you set serverPaging to true. In addition, pageSize should be set no matter if paging is performed client-side or server-side.

The following options are sent to the server when server paging is enabled:

  • page - The page of data item to return (1 means the first page).
  • pageSize - The number of items to return.
  • skip - The number of data items to skip.
  • take - The number of data items to return (the same as pageSize).

Use the parameterMap option to send the paging options in a different format.

For more information and tips about client and server data operations, refer to the introductory article on the DataSource.

Example - enable server paging

var dataSource = new{
  transport: {
    /* transport configuration */
  serverPaging: true,
  schema: {
    total: "total" // total is returned in the "total" field of the response
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