transport Object

The configuration used to load and save the data items. A data source is remote or local based on the way it retrieves data items.

Remote data sources load and save data items from and to a remote end-point (also known as remote service or server). The transport option describes the remote service configuration - URL, HTTP verb, HTTP headers, and others. The transport option can also be used to implement custom data loading and saving.

Local data sources are bound to a JavaScript array via the data option.

Example - specify the remote service configuration

var dataSource = new{
  transport: {
    read: {
      url: "",
      dataType: "jsonp" // "jsonp" is required for cross-domain requests; use "json" for same-domain requests
dataSource.fetch(function() {
  var products =;
/* The result can be observed in the DevTools(F12) console of the browser. */
  console.log(products[0].ProductName); // displays "Chai"
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