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System Requirements for Telerik UI for Xamarin

In order to develop applications with Telerik UI for Xamarin you need to have the following development tools installed:


  • Windows 10 is required to develop for Xamarin.Forms.
  • Visual Studio 2019 with Xamarin installed. Go to Visual Studio Downloads page to see the available download options.

    To install Xamarin for Visual Studio 2019, you would need to enable Mobile development with .NET workload. Universal Windows Platform development workload would be needed as well if you'd like to target UWP.

    • If you run a fresh installation of Visual Studio, you will be prompted to select workloads during the installation process.
    • if you already have Visual Studio installed, you could modify the active workloads by re-running the Visual Studio installer and selecting "Modify" option.

    Figure 1: VS 2019 with Mobile development with .NET workload enabled

    VS 2019 Mobile Workload

    Before proceeding, please make sure the following Individual components are included:

    • Xamarin
    • Text Template Transformation

    If you use Telerik UI for Xamarin version older than R2 2019, the .NET Portable Library Targeting Pack individual component is also required to successfully install and build with our Xamarin controls.

    For more detailed instructions go to Installing Xamarin in Visual Studio on Windows topic in Xamarin documentation.

  • For building iOS apps - configured iOS build host.


You will be able to develop Android and iOS apps. The iOS apps will require iOS 8 and higher. Windows apps are not supported on macOS.

Xamarin.Forms reference

The minimum required version of Xamarin.Forms package is

The Android project requires multiple packages with specific versions. The Xamarin.Forms package will install most of the required packages as its dependencies. You can then go to Required Android Support Libraries article and check if you have all required files and versions.

Supported mobile versions

You can use Telerik UI for Xamarin for application development for the following mobile operating systems:

Platform Supported version
Android 5.0 (API Level 21) or higher
iOS 7.0 or higher
Windows Windows 10

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