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RadImageEditor for Xamarin provides language localization. In short, you can translate the used across the ImageEditor Toolbar Items texts to other languages, so that your app can be adapted to different regions.

To learn in details about the localization process of Telerik UI for Xamarin components, please go through the common Localization and Globalization topic.

Common Image Editor Localization strings

Localization Key Default Value
ImageEditor_Blur Blur
ImageEditor_Brightness Brightness
ImageEditor_Contrast Contrast
ImageEditor_Crop Crop
ImageEditor_CropCircle Circle
ImageEditor_CropFree Free
ImageEditor_CropOriginal Original
ImageEditor_CropSquare Square
ImageEditor_Hue Hue
ImageEditor_Resize Resize
ImageEditor_Saturation Saturation
ImageEditor_Sharpen Sharpen

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