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This help topic will make you familiar with the most important properties, settings and elements of the RadTimeline control:

ItemsSource - gets or sets the data source used to generate the content of the timeline control. Elements can be bound to data from a variety of data sources in the form of common language runtime (CLR) objects and XML - see the list of the supported data sources bellow.

Supported Data Sources

You can bind RadTimeline to a data source that implements one of the following interfaces:

Change Notification Support

RadTimeline also provides full support for change notifications - changes in data sources that implement the INotifyCollectionChanged, as well as INotifyPropertyChanged, are properly tracked and reflected by the UI.

Some of the implementations of these interfaces include:

StartPath - sets the name of the property from the underlying datasource, which will determine the start time for the data.
DurationPath - sets the name of the property from the underlying datasource, which will determine the end time for the data.
VisiblePeriodStart and VisiblePeriodEnd - set the names of the properties from the underlying datasource,
which will determine the visible start and end time for the data.
PeriodStart and PeriodEnd – these properties determine the start and end time period in the Timeline control.

Currently the supported intervals are:

  • Century;
  • Decade;
  • Year;
  • Quarter;
  • Month;
  • Week;
  • Day;
  • Hour;
  • Minute;
  • Second;
  • Millisecond;

A sample Intervals section may look like this:

       <telerik:CenturyInterval />
       <telerik:DecadeInterval />
       <telerik:YearInterval />

IntervalSpans - this property can be used to group the given Interval Items Together. For example setting:

   <telerik:YearInterval IntervalSpans="10"/>

will make the years in groups with 10 each. You can also set more than one IntervalSpan simultaneously by separating them with comma:

   <telerik:YearInterval IntervalSpans="1,5" />
   <telerik:MonthInterval IntervalSpans="1,6" />
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