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Vertical ScrollBar

The VerticalScrollBarVisibility property of RadTimeline configures the vertical scrolling behavior of control.

Disabled (Default)

When the VerticalScrollBarVisibility is Disabled RadTimeline will try to fit all of its items on the view port.

Rad Timeline-Features-Vertical Scroll Bar Visibility-Disabled


When the vertical scrolling is in automatic mode, RadTimeline will automatically arrange its items so they are optimally visible. If the vertical space is enough, no scroll bar will be displayed.

Rad Timeline-Features-Vertical Scroll Bar Visibility-Auto


When the vertical scroll bar is hidden, the items inside RadTimeline will be arranged optimally, however if the items occupy more than the available vertical space, the user will not be able to scroll vertically.

Rad Timeline-Features-Vertical Scroll Bar Visibility-Hidden


In this mode items will be arranged optimally and the scroll bar will remain always visible. Rad Timeline-Features-Vertical Scroll Bar Visibility-Visible

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