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How to Change the Position of the Tab Strip of RadTabControl

RadTabControl expose few properties that can be used for controlling its tab strip position.

  • TabStripPlacement - gets or sets the position where the tab strip should appear. The default value is Top. The property is an enumeration of type Telerik.Windows.Controls.Dock. The enumeration contains the following values:
    WPF RadTabControl Different TabStrip Positions

    The property can be set in the following manners:

        <telerik:RadTabControl x:Name="radTabControl" TabStripPlacement="Bottom"> 
            <telerik:RadTabItem Header="Calendar"/> 
            <telerik:RadTabItem Header="Colors"/> 
            <telerik:RadTabItem Header="Quote"/> 

        private void SetTabStripPlacement() 
            radTabControl.TabStripPlacement = Telerik.Windows.Controls.Dock.Bottom; 
        Private Sub SetTabStripPlacement() 
            radTabControl.TabStripPlacement = Telerik.Windows.Controls.Dock.Bottom 
        End Sub 

    The tab strip panel is wrapped in a LayoutTransformControl which rotates it around the RadTabControl when the TabStripPlacement property is set. For example, when you set the TabStripPlacement to Left a LayoutTransformation with angle of -90 is applied on the LayoutTransformControl and the tab strip is rotated with -90 degrees (counterclockwise).

  • Align - gets or sets the alignment of the items in the tab strip. The property is an enumeration of type Telerik.Windows.Controls.TabControl.TabStripAlign. The enumeration contains the following values:

    • Justify - positions (and resize if necessary) the tabs to fill the available space.
    • Center - positions the tabs in the center of the tab strip.
    • Left - positions the tabs in the left side of the tab strip. This is the default value.
    • Right - positions the tabs in the left side of the tab strip.

    If the TabStripPlacement is set to Left or Right, the left align positions the tabs at the top/bottom of the tab strip.

  • TabOrientation - gets or sets the orientation of the tab items. The property is an enumeration of type System.Windows.Controls.Orientation. Setting the property's value to Vertical will rotate the tabs content to 90 degrees (clockwise). The orientation is set to Horizontal. The following image demonstrates the TabOrientation set to Vertical without any other changes in the tab strip position applied:

    WPF RadTabControl TabOrientation Vertical

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