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Since R2 2022 the Spreadsheet control supports working with comments.

Comments are used for leaving information about a cell's data, where each comment can be replied to, thus creating a thread. All Comments can be found in the Comments collection of the worksheet. More information about using Comments in code is available here: SpreadProcessing Comments.

Figure 1: Sample Comment

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

Using Comments in your Application

RadSpreadsheet enables working with Comments through its UI. There are two ways for adding Comments, via the context menu and from the Comments group on the Review tab.

Figure 2: Add Comment from the context menu

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

Figure 3: Add Comment from the Comments group

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

As you can see in the above image, the Comments group allows you to perform the following actions:

  • New Comment: Adds new comment to the selected cell.
  • Reply Comment: Adds a reply to an existing comment. This option is only available when the selected cell already contains a comment.
  • Delete: Deletes the comment in the selected cell, including all of its replies. Only available when the selected cell already contains a comment.
  • Previous Comment: Selects the previous Comment in the current worksheet.
  • Next Comment: Selects the next Comment in the current worksheet.
  • Show Comments: Shows or hides the Comment pane of the current spreadsheet. The pane updates its content upon changing the selected sheet accordingly.

Editing Comments

To edit a Comment select a cell that contains one, mouse over the Comment content and click "Edit Comment" from the Comments group or from the Comments pane.

Figure 4: Edit Comment

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

Replying to Comments

To reply to a Comment simply type your reply in its the textbox or select its cell and click "Reply Comment" from the Comments group.

Figure 4: Reply to Comment

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

Deleting Comments

To delete a Comment select it and click "Delete Comment" from the context menu or use the comment's hamburger-menu option "Delete Thread". You can also use the "Delete Comment" option in the context menu on a selection of cells to delete any comments they contain. All listed options delete the comments as well as all of their replies.

Figure 5: Delete Comment

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

Show Comments

The Comments group allows showing the Comments pane.

Figure 6: Show/Hide Comment

RadSpreadProcessing Comments

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