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The purpose of this topic is to show you how to change the RadRibbonView's Title
Rad Ribbon View How To Change The Title

The RadRibbonView exposes a string property named Title, which should be used in such cases.

<telerik:RadRibbonView x:Name="xRibbonView" Title="RadRibbonView Demo" />

xRibbonView.Title = "RadRibbonView Demo";
xRibbonView.Title = "RadRibbonView Demo";

Rad Ribbon View How To Change The Title 2

The RadRibbonView's Title is not entirely changed. Instead, your custom title string is combined with the default "My Application" string. To change the string "My Application" you have to set the RadRibbonView.ApplciationName property to the value you want.

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