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The UpdateValueEvent property of the RadMaskedTextInput controls allows you to specify when the Value property will be changed. If UpdateValueEvent is set to PropertyChanged, the Value will be changed on every key stroke, assuming that you are typing. If the UpdateValueEvent is set to LostFocus, the Value will be changed only after the RadMaskedTextInput control loses its focus.

Example 1: Setting the UpdateValueEvent property

<!--  Setting UpdateValueEvent to LostFocus  --> 
<telerik:RadMaskedNumericInput x:Name="radMaskedNumericInput"  
                        UpdateValueEvent="LostFocus" /> 
<!--  Setting UpdateValueEvent to PropertyChanged  --> 
<telerik:RadMaskedNumericInput x:Name="radMaskedNumericInput2"  
                        UpdateValueEvent="PropertyChanged" /> 

The default value of all RadMaskedInput's UpdateValueEvent property is UpdateValueEvent.PropertyChanged.

You can see a live demo demonstrating the UpdateValueEvent property here.

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