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The Placeholder character is a character used to represent the absence of user input in a RadMaskedInput control. The default value is an underscore. The Placeholder character will be displayed in a RadMaskedInput control for any mask position that the user has not filled in yet.

Example 1: Using the default placeholder

<telerik:RadMaskedTextInput Mask="####" />

Figure 1 : Default placeholder

If you want to change the default Placeholder, you should set a RadMaskedInput control's Placeholder property, like in the example below:

Example 1: Change the default placeholder

<telerik:RadMaskedTextInput Mask="####" Placeholder="$" />

Figure 2: Custom placeholder

You can set a watermark content to the RadMaskedInput controls by using the EmptyContent and EmptyContentTemplate properties. When the Value of a RadMaskedInput control is null or empty the EmptyContent will be displayed. For more information, read Watermark.

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