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Row Details Visibility

The display mode of the Row Details can be specified by using the RowDetailsVisibilityMode property. It can have one of the following values:

  • Collapsed - row details won't be displayed for any of the rows.

  • Visible - row details will be displayed for each of the rows.

  • VisibleWhenSelected - row details will be displayed only for the selected row.

Another approach for displaying the Row Details is to use the GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn. It will allow you to expand / collapse the Row Details for each row.

You should either use the RadGridView.RowDetailsVisibilityMode property to control the state of all grid rows or use a GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn to control the state of each individual row. Since the GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn operates on the respective GridViewRow.DetailsVisibilityProperty, having a RadGridView.RowDetailsVisibilityMode different from collapsed might lead to unexpected results. To learn more about this type of column read here.

You can download a runnable project demonstrating the different options from our online SDK repository here, after navigating to GridView/RowDetailsVisibilityOptions. In addition to make finding and browsing the examples easier, you can take advantage of our SDK Samples Browser.

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