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This article lists the events specific to the RadFileDialog controls. All file dialos

  • PreviewClosed: This event occurs when the dialog is closing. The event arguments are of type WindowPreviewClosedEventArgs. You can use the arguments to cancel the event.

    Example 1: Cancel dialog closing

        private void FileDialog_PreviewClosed(object sender, WindowPreviewClosedEventArgs e)
            e.Cancel = true;
  • Closed: This event occurs when the dialog is closed. The event arguments are of type WindowClosedEventArgs.

  • ExceptionRaised: This event occurs when an exception is raised. This event could be raised in different occasions, for example - if the selected folder cannot be accessed or if the file path is too long, or when there is an error while searching, etc.

    Example 2: Showing an alert when an error appears

        private void openDialog_ExceptionRaised(object sender, FileBrowserExceptionRaisedEventArgs e)

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