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More detailed look over the localization capabilities that the framework provides can be found in the Localization article.

This topic goes over the available resource keys for localizing the RadFileDialogs.

Below is the list of the supported languages.

  • English

  • German

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Italian

  • Dutch

  • Turkish

Resource Keys

The RadFileDialogs provide strings for localizing various of their elements. In order to be able to distinguish these resources, an unique identifier, called resource key, is assigned to each string that can be localized.

RadFileDialogs Localization

Key Value
FileDialogs_Back Back
FileDialogs_Cancel Cancel
FileDialogs_CheckThePath Check the path and try again.
FileDialogs_ConfirmSave Confirm save as
FileDialogs_Copy Copy
FileDialogs_CopyTo Copy to
FileDialogs_Cut Cut
FileDialogs_DateCreatedHeader Date created
FileDialogs_DateHeader Date modified
FileDialogs_Delete Delete
FileDialogs_Details Details
FileDialogs_Edit Edit
FileDialogs_ExtraLargeIcons Extra large icons
FileDialogs_FileExists already exists.
FileDialogs_FileFolderType File folder
FileDialogs_FileName File name:
FileDialogs_FileNameWrongCharacters A file name can't contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? \" < >
FileDialogs_FileSizes_B bytes
FileDialogs_FileSizes_GB GB
FileDialogs_FileSizes_KB KB
FileDialogs_FileSizes_MB MB
FileDialogs_FileSizes_TB TB
FileDialogs_Folder Folder:
FileDialogs_Forward Forward
FileDialogs_InvalidExtensionConfirmation Are you sure you want to change it?
FileDialogs_InvalidFileName The file name is not valid.
FileDialogs_InvalidOrMissingExtension If you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable.
FileDialogs_InvalidPath Path does not exist.
FileDialogs_LargeIcons Large icons
FileDialogs_List List
FileDialogs_MediumIcons Medium icons
FileDialogs_MoveTo Move to
FileDialogs_NameHeader Name
FileDialogs_NewFolder New folder
FileDialogs_No No
FileDialogs_OK OK
FileDialogs_Open Open
FileDialogs_OpenFileDialogHeader Open File
FileDialogs_OpenFolder Open Folder
FileDialogs_OpenFolderDialogHeader Open Folder
FileDialogs_OpenReadOnly Open as read-only
FileDialogs_Paste Paste
FileDialogs_Properties Properties
FileDialogs_Rename Rename
FileDialogs_ReplacementQuestion Do you want to replace it?
FileDialogs_Save Save
FileDialogs_SaveAsType Save as type:
FileDialogs_SaveFileDialogHeader Save As
FileDialogs_SearchIn Search in
FileDialogs_SearchResults Search results in
FileDialogs_SizeHeader Size
FileDialogs_SmallIcons Small icons
FileDialogs_Tiles Tiles
FileDialogs_TypeHeader Type
FileDialogs_Up Up
FileDialogs_View View
FileDialogs_Yes Yes

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