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Usage Specifics for License Types

Telerik UI for WinUI is available for trial and commercial users. Depending on the currently acquired license, the suite is subject to some specifics.

Commercial Users

A commercial user is eligible for a Developer license. The Developer license comes with modified DLLs, which work without license keys.

If you have a Developer license for one or more Telerik components, you only need to ensure that you are using the developer build when downloading the desired controls. These developer builds contain the Dev abbreviation in their file names.

Trial Users

Trial users can work with the Telerik UI for WinUI library for free. During the 30-day trial period, all Telerik UI for WinUI products controls and features are fully functional and you can also take advantage of all available support options.

When the 30-day trial period ends, the suite will start to display a notification each time you open your Telerik UI for WinUI application. To avoid this behavior, you can upgrade to the commercial version. However, if you do not purchase a license, you can still use the fully functional Telerik UI for WinUI controls for un unlimited time period.

Both Commercial and Trial license provide the same set of files to download (.zip, .msi, .nupkg, etc.) with the sole exception that the Commercial license provide access to one additional .zip file that contains the source code of Telerik UI for WinUI. See the Available Product Files article for the list of files.

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