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ChartSeries Class

The ChartSeries class is a base class for all types of series used in a RadChart control.


The abstract ChartSeries class declares the following properties:

  • DisplayName (string): Gets or sets the human-readable name of the series.
  • ItemsSource (IEnumerable): Defines the data set that will fill the DataPoints collection of the series. It supports a large variety of different data sources as the property is of type IEnumerable.
  • ShowLabels (bool): Defines whether the series will display labels for each DataPoint plotted.
  • PaletteIndex (int): Gets or sets the preferred palette index for this series. By default the palette index is equal to the index of this series within the owning chart's Series collection. Set this value to -1 to reset it to its default value and have the CollectionIndex-based logic applied.
  • ClipToPlotArea (bool): Defines whether the series visual representation will be clipped to the PlotArea bounding rectangle.
  • IsSelectedBinding (DataPointBinding): Exposes a mechanism that allows the IsSelected property of the internally generated data points in data-bound mode to be explicitly set.

    The property is of type DataPointBinding rather than the system Binding. This custom binding mechanism is implemented for performance reasons so that each DataPoint does not need to inherit DependencyObject. Additionally, for even better performance or context-sensitive binding, the GenericDataPointBinding class may be used. All different data-binding related properties across all series follow this pattern.


Example 1 demonstrates how to specify a valid DataPointBinding in a concrete instance that inherits the base ChartSeries class, e.g., BarSeries class.

Example 1: Defining the model and populating with data

        <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="IsSelected"/> 
        <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="Value"/> 
        <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="Category"/> 
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