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Step Line Series

The StepLineSeries is similar to the Line Series. The difference is that the StepLineSeries connects its points through a horizontal and vertical line instead of a straight line. The RisersPosition property defines the end of the first and the beginning of the second line.


StepLineSeries class inherits from the LineSeries class - See the inherited properties.

  • RisersPosition: Gets or sets the RisersPosition that will be used to draw the series.
    • Default: Risers' position depends on the axis' plot mode.
    • OnTicks: Risers will be positioned where the ticks of the axis are positioned.
    • BetweenTicks: Risers will be positioned between the ticks of the axis.


Example 1 shows how to create a RadCartesianChart with a StepLineSeries.

Example 1: Defining a RadCartesianChart with a StepLineSeries

<Grid xmlns:telerikChart="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Chart" 
            <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="first" Value="10"/> 
            <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="second" Value="20"/> 
            <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="third" Value="30"/> 
            <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="fourth" Value="15"/> 

Figure 1: Result from Example 1

WinUI RadChart Step Line Series-Overview

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