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Area Series

With an AreaSeries the data points are connected with straight line segments and the area enclosed by the line and the coordinate axis may be optionally stroked and/or filled.


AreaSeries class inherits from the CategoricalStrokedSeries class - See the inherited properties.

  • StrokeMode: Gets or sets the mode that defines how the area is stroked. The available modes are:
    • None: No outlining.
    • LeftLine: The left border of the plot area defined by the data points and the horizontal axis is outlined.
    • Points: The line that connects all points is outlined. This is the default mode.
    • RightLine: The right border of the plot area defined by the data points and the horizontal axis is outlined.
    • PlotLine: The bottom border of the plot area is outlined.
    • LeftAndPoints: LeftLine and Points modes are enabled.
    • RightAndPoints: RightLine and Points modes are enabled.
    • AllButPlotLine: All modes except the PlotLine are enabled.
    • All: All modes are enabled - the plot area is fully outlined.
  • Fill (Brush): Gets or sets the style used to draw the Polyline shape.


Examples 1, 2 and 3 show how to create a RadCartesianChart with an AreaSeries.

Example 1: Defining the model

public class Data 
    public string Category { get; set; } 
    public double Value { get; set; } 

Example 2: Populating with data

public MainPage() 
    List<Data> data = new List<Data>(); 
    data.Add(new Data() { Category = "Apples", Value = 5 }); 
    data.Add(new Data() { Category = "Oranges", Value = 9 }); 
    data.Add(new Data() { Category = "Pineaples", Value = 8 }); 
    this.areaSeries.DataContext = data; 

Example 3: Defining the AreaSeries

<Grid xmlns:telerikChart="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Chart"> 
    <telerikChart:RadCartesianChart x:Name="areaSeries" PaletteName="DefaultLight"> 
        <telerikChart:AreaSeries ItemsSource="{Binding}"> 
                <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="Category"/> 
                <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="Value"/> 

Figure 1: Result from Example 3

WinUI RadChart Categorical Area Series

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