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Default Editors

Depending on the column's type, RadGridView activates an appropriate editor to handle cell's value changes. The default editors are listed below:

Column's type Default editor
GridViewTextBoxColumn RadTextBoxEditor
GridViewRatingColumn GridSpinEditor
GridViewMultiComboBoxColumn RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement
GridViewMaskBoxColumn RadMaskedEditBoxEditor
GridViewHyperlinkColumn RadTextBoxEditor
GridViewDecimalColumn GridSpinEditor
GridViewDateTimeColumn RadDateTimeEditor/GridTimePickerEditor
GridViewComboBoxColumn RadDropDownListEditor
GridViewColorColumn GridColorPickerEditor
GridViewCheckBoxColumn RadCheckBoxEditor
GridViewCalculatorColumn RadCalculatorEditor
GridViewBrowseColumn GridBrowseEditor

The default editor can easily be replaced by using the EditorRequired event and specifying either the EditorType or the Editor property in the EditorRequiredEventArgs. This is the appropriate place to assign a custom editor as well. If you need to apply some settings to the editor, the CellEditorInitialized event is the right place to do it.

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