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When RadGridView is not in read-only mode users can edit the contents of the current cell. Usually this process starts by typing in the cell or by pressing F2. All of the following conditions should be met to put a cell in edit mode:

  • The underlying data source supports editing.

  • RadGridView control is enabled.

  • BeginEditMode property value is not BeginEditProgrammatically.

  • ReadOnly properties of the cell, column, and control are all set to false.

  • GridViewTemplate.AllowEditRow property of is set to true.

When in edit mode, the user can change the cell value and press Enter to commit the change or Esc to revert to the original value. Clicking outside the edited cell also commits the change.

You can configure RadGridVIew so that cells enter edit mode only when users type in the cell or only when users press F2 or Enter. The BeginEditMode property controls this behavior.

You can control also the Enter key behavior when RadGridView is in edit mode. It can move the focus to the next cell or the next row. Use EnterKeyMode and NewRowEnterKeyMode properties for this purpose.

Topics in this section:
API section describes how to control the editing process programmatically.
Events section presents all events that occur during this process.
Data validation section shows how to validate data in RadGridView.
Customizing editor behavior section demonstrates how to change editor behavior using code.
Using custom editors section demonstrates how to replace the standard editors with a custom one.

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