Property Description
ValidationMode Controls when the validation will be performed. The available options are None, OnValidating, OnTextChange, Programmatically. Default values is OnValidating.
ValidationRules Gets a collection representing the Conditions in this ValidationProvider.
AssociatedControls Get the collection of the controls that are being validated.


Method Description
RemoveControlFromRules Remove a specific RadEditorControl from the validation rules.
RemoveValidationRule Remove a specific RadEditorControl from a specific validation rule.
Validate Validates the specified RadEditorControl evaluating the rules to which it is associated.
SetIconAlignment Set the alignment of the error icon. It can be TopLeft, TopRight, MiddleLeft, MiddleRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight
GetIconAlignment Get the alignment of an error icon for the specified RadEditorControl.
SetIconPadding Set the amount of extra space to leave between the specified control and the error icon.
GetIconPadding Return the amount of extra space to leave next to the error icon.
RemoveRules Remove the validation rules associated with the specified RadEditorControl.


Event Description
ControlValidation Occur before a RadEditorControl is being validated. The RadValidationEventArgs gives very useful information about the tool tip error indication, validation rule, etc.
ValidationModeChanged Occur when the ValidionMode property changed.

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