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Getting Started with WinForms Rotator

This tutorial demonstrates configuring RadRotator at design-time, then running the animation at design time and run time. This example displays a series of images and one web site.

1. In a new Windows Application, set the form Size property to 500,500.

2. Drop a RadRotator on the form and set the Dock property to Fill.

3. In the Property Window click the ellipses for the Items property. This step will launch the Rad Items Collection Editor.

4. In the Rad Items Collection Editor, click the Add split button arrow to display the types that can be used by RadRotator.

5. Locate and click the RadImageItem.

WinForms RadRotator Rotator Design Time

6. In the Rad Items Collection Editor properties, click the Image property ellipses.

7. In the Select Resource dialog, click the Local Resource radio button, click the Import button and open any image file. The "Sample Pictures" distributed with Windows can be used too.

WinForms RadRotator Select Resource Window

8. Click OK to close the Select Resource dialog.

9. Add three more RadImageItems.

10. Add a RadWebBrowserItem to the collection. Set the Url property to

11. Click OK to close the RadItem Collection Editor.

12. In the designer, notice the controls in the upper left of the RadRotator. Click the ">" button and observe that you can navigate through the items at design time.

WinForms RadRotator Rotator Review

13. In the Properties window for the RadRotator, set the Running property to true.

14. Press F5 to run the application.

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