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Adding Key Tips

Key tips provide a way to add discoverable keyboard shortcuts to the items on the Telerik RadRibbonBar. Every element on the Telerik RadRibbonBar (including tabs, RadRibbonbar groups, buttons, and other elements), has a KeyTip property. You can fill in these properties with letters or numbers to assign shortcut keys to the elements. When the user presses the Alt key, the currently-available shortcuts are displayed in a hierarchical fashion until the user presses a key that triggers an action.

For example, when the user presses the Alt key with the control on this RadRibbonBar, the top-level key tips are displayed:

Figure 1: Top-Level Key Tips

WinForms RadRibbonBar Top-Level Key Tips

Furthermore, pressing the 7 key selects the Write tab and displays the key tips for the elements on that tab:

Figure 2: Text Tab Key Tips

WinForms RadRibbonBar Text Tab Key Tips

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