WinForms PropertyGrid Overview

When RadPropertyGrid is not in read-only mode users can edit the contents of the selected item. Usually this process starts by pressing Enter or F2 key. All of the following conditions should be met to put an item in edit mode:

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  • The underlying data source supports editing.

  • RadPropertyGrid control is enabled.

  • BeginEditMode property value is not BeginEditProgrammatically.

  • ReadOnly property of the control is set to false.

  • The item the user wants to edit is enabled.

  • The ReadOnly property of item the user wants to edit is set to false.

When in edit mode, the user can change the item value and press Enter to commit the change or Esc to revert to the original value. Clicking outside the edited item also commits the change.

You can configure RadPropertyGrid so that items enter edit mode directly when the item is selected or when users press F2 or Enter or click for a second time on the item without triggering a double click event. The BeginEditMode property controls this behavior.

There are a number of build-in ediotrs which are used for editing different data types. These editors can be customized or can be replaced by custom editors all together. Here is a list of the build-in ediotrs and the data types they are used for:

PropertyGridBrowseEditor Used for editing of type image.
PropertyGridColorEditor Used for editing of type color.
PropertyGridDateTimeEditor Used for editing of type DateTime.
PropertyGridDropDownListEditor Used for editing of types that have a type converter supporting standart values and do not have a UITypeEditor.
PropertyGridSpinEditor Used for editing of numeric data types.
PropertyGridTextBoxEditor Used for editing all data types that are not covered by other editors.
PropertyGridUITypeEditor Used for editing data types that have a UITypeEditor and are not covered by other editors.

Since R3 2017 PropertyGridSpinEditor supports null values. Detailed information is available here.

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Customizing editor behavior Demonstrates how to change editor behavior.
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