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The following events occur during the editing process:

  • EditorRequired: This is the first event that fires when a cell is to become editable (in edit mode).

This is the right place to replace the editor with a custom one. Here is an example of this behavior.

  • Editing: Fires when the item is about to enter edit mode. You can cancel edit mode at this stage by setting the Cancel property to true.

  • EditorInitialized: Fires when the editor is initialized and visible.

  • Edited: Fires when the item editing has finished.

  • ValueChanging: The active editor fires this event when it is about to change its value.

  • ValueChanged: Fires when the active editor changes its value. The data is not saved in the item at this point.

  • PropertyValueChanging: The item fires this event when it is about to save the value.

  • PropertyValueChanged: Fires when the value has been saved to the item.

There are more events fired during this process. Please look in the Data validation section.

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